The key to the most powerful meditation on Yantra is very simple –
– do not analyze it, do not try to figure it out, LET IT COME TO YOU.

In meditation practices Yantra serves as a visual aid for mind concentration – DHARANA – sixth limb of Eightfold Yoga Path, Raja Yoga – as presented in Yoga Sutras by Patanjali.

Practicing meditation with Yantra is leading to realization of abstract principle. It helps the mind to transcend and go beyond the form into formless nature of the True Self. Yantra serves as a bridge that takes the practitioner from the illusionary world of form into a Realm of Divine Abstraction..

The point in the meddle of the drawing is called Bindu – the symbol of Supreme Consciousness. As stated in Tantric Scriptures – “Black Bindu on a white background forms the most precise and powerful Yantra – one who is satisfied with this point needs no more explanation or definition.”

Practicing meditation with yantra painting created with higher intention helps one to awaken that intention or qualities within oneself. When the energy is invoked in a particular yantra, it becomes a symbolic representative of the intention. When the practitioner abandons his analytical, critical mind – the energy of the Yantra empowers energetic pathways and chakra centers.

The essence of Yantra is universal because it is composed of archetypal forms that are common to all existing phenomena. The very process of meditating with yantra is an archetypal activity that encodes the genes, so that divine revelations unfold themselves during the process. Thus, one moves from concrete reality to abstract truth.

Yantra is used to withdraw consciousness from the outer world, so that spiritual seeker can transcend the normal framework of the mind and immerse into the altered, higher state of consciousness known as turiya, satori experience or revelation.

As the geometrical representation of Divinity Itself, yantra provides a focal point that is a “window into the Absolute”. When the mind is fully concentrated on a single, simple object like yantra, mental chatter ceases, the mind becomes still.. Eventually, all objects are dropped, and the mind rests in emptiness and silence.

In the most advanced stage of yoga practices, it is possible to attain “perfect union with God” by single pointed concentration on yantra..

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