Yantra is Tantric Symbol of Cosmic Union and essential in Meditation Yoga practices.

It is a visual tool for meditation practices.

The interwoven complex of geometrical designs is centered upon a point – bind. Meditating with Yantra helps the mind to slow down, to focus, to rest..

Sanskrit word Yantra is defined in many ways. It comes from the root YAM which means “support or hold”, also “energy, medium”, to hold, to obtain, to keep, or to maintain the essence of an object, a thought, or a concept. In a more general way, Yantra means “tool”.

YAM is also energy, medium – which makes Yantra a “storehouse for energy”. The syllable TRA comes from TRANA the instrument, also – “liberation from bondage” or freedom – and therefor – Yantra is that which gives freedom from limitations.

Yantras may be drawn or painted on any material, out of any substance. There is no parallel for the term in English, yet Yantra may be summarized as a two-dimensional diagram of a visualized intentions or a field of energy.

Yantra is a perfect integration of Form and Formlessness. It is a “visual stepping stone to the Absolute”

It can serve as a bridge – from Form (Saguna) to Formlessness (Nirguna), from the world of limitation and form to The Absolute, Limitless Perfection, Undifferentiated Abstraction..

Yantra is a visual representation of vibrational frequencies. It is a symbolic representation of a particular inner state, experience or energy. It helps the viewer to get in contact with the energy patterns of certain contemplation states and higher awareness.