Purna Yantra

Purna Yantra is an outer expression of Inner Guidance. Being a “storehouse” of energy and a “tool” for deepening meditation practices – Yantra is carrying a powerful transmission of Higher Awareness. It connects you to the spiritual energy within, awakening your Inner Wisdom.

Sanskrit syllable in the middle of this Yantra is PURNA – derived from the root “ PRI” – to fill – thus Purna means full, pure, whole, abundant, complete, perfected, filled, completely content (also refers to the full moon)  ..

The Yajurveda discusses the concept of numeric infinity – Purna Fullness, stating that if you subtract Purna from Purna, you are still left with Purna :

Om Purnamadah Purnamidam

Purnat Purnamudachyate

Purnasya Purnamadaya


– Translation –

This is whole;
that is whole;
Taking away whole
from whole,
Whole still remains whole

– Or –

This is infinite that is infinite;
From that infinite this infinite comes.
From That infinite, this infinite removed;
Infinite remains infinite.

Purna Yantra is a doorway and an invocation, a “visual stepping stone“ to the Absolute. It offers a powerful, yet nurturing and healing transmission of subtle energies through visual art. Colors, geometrical forms, Sanskrit syllables, archetypical symbols and abstract shapes are being used as an invocation to awaken one’s higher potential. Energy, transmitted by Yantra carries the capacity to nurture and heal the mind, body, and environment…

The heart and soul of Purna Yantra is devotion and committed spiritual practice of the artist. This level of devotion and connection to Higher Awareness became possible through the Grace of a Himalayan Master. Continuous guidance of Dr. Svami Purna is a precious gift and the source of inspiration. Artist, serving as a “tool”, an “instrument” – facilitates the transmission and allows the energies to find their external expression in the manifestation of Yantra Art.

The underlying purpose of Purna Yantra is to uplift and nurture as well as to transform the awareness of those who experience it. Yantra connects you to the wisdom and spiritual energy within. It is intended to bring harmony to the mind, balance to life and inspiration to the heart..  It embraces silence..

The art of creating as well as meditating with Yantra is ancient. It is sacred and mystical. The roots are going to Tantric tradition of the most ancient cultures..