$ 13, 000 USD

30  x  30  x  2  inch

Acrylic on Canvas / Gallery Profile 



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“The more unintelligent a man is, 

the less mysterious existence seems to him.”

Arthur Schopenhauer


PURPLE BLOOM continues BEYOND THE VISIBLE Art Series.  It has been created during the introspective period of Covid quarantine, during six months from May to November 2020.

This painting is an invitation to experience the form in such a way that can take you beyond the form, beyond the visible.

PURPLE BLOOM celebrates abundance and multiplicity of the world – all blooming as one mysterious flower of creation.

In color psychology purple signifies harmony and emotional balance, stability and peace of mind. Serving as a bridge between spiritual and physical realms, as well as between thoughts and activity, the artwork becomes a supportive companion for those appreciating tranquility and self reflection.

PURPLE BLOOM offers immersive experience, guiding through boundless landscapes that extend far beyond the visible horizon. Displaying this artwork in your home brings not just aesthetic beauty, but also a sense of serenity and a gateway to exploration beyond the tangible.


I do use exclusively high quality acrylic paints, canvas and wooden frames in a professional museum quality. All paintings bear my signature on the front and they are signed, entitled and dated on the backside.

The paintings are unframed and ready to hang. They don’t need a frame or any additional surface treatment and will be safely shipped in custom made box, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

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