$ 7, 000 USD

36  x  36  x  1 3/8  inch

Acrylic on Canvas / Gallery Profile



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She is the dynamic aspect of the Supreme,

Transcendent Being, 

Infinity, Eternity and ineffable Peace,

beyond the formal knowledge or awareness of human mind –

She is the essence of the Mind ItSelf..

  ~ Chandogya Upanishad



It is inspired by the feminine principle of nature and Mother Earth – the primal force that, ultimately, created all life on our planet. 

This power is descending in its quality and unconditional in its nature. The presence of this creative power is nurturing and embracing – like the tender morning sun, nurturing and giving life to all on its path.

At the heart of this creation, pristine white flower petals unfurl, encircling a descending white triangle.

Within the strokes of red, there lies a power that can create and destroy the worlds – an infinite strength of a thousand erupting volcanoes, shaping and reshaping continents in its wake. 

Creative power of the universe is mysterious and indescribable. All that we know through our mind and senses is the manifestation of this power..

Consider this: Your words, like the brush strokes of this painting, carry boundless creative power. 

– What are you creating in this season of your life ? 

As you gaze upon CREATIVE POWER, may it spark a contemplation of the infinite possibilities that unfold when your creative inspiration meets the infinite creative power of the universe.


I use exclusively high quality acrylic paints, canvas and wooden frames in a professional museum quality. All paintings bear my signature on the front and they are signed, entitled and dated on the backside. 

The painting is unframed and ready to hang. It doesn’t need a frame or any additional surface treatment and will be safely shipped in custom made box, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

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Thank you for taking an interest in my work.

Stay healthy.

Warm wishes,