Welcome to my Artistic Luxury! 

Let’s journey together through my exclusive commissioned art project. Each piece is carefully crafted with your unique essence and vision in mind.

I’m exited to offer you a custom artwork that brings a unique touch to your space, both inside and out. 

When you commission a piece with me, it’s not just about getting something beautiful to look at – it’s about bringing harmony and good fortune into your surroundings.

With my background in interior design, I blend artistic vision with a deep understanding of what makes a space come alive.

I turn personal stories into tangible art, I’m here to help you to elevate the vibe of the space and to add a touch of luxury. Whether it’s a cozy nook at home or a busy office, my commissioned pieces are designed to elevate the energy, bring beauty and good vibes.

With a focus on mindfulness and a passion for well-being, my art goes beyond the canvas – it is about creating an atmosphere that feels just right for you.  If you’re ready to transform your space into something truly exceptional, let’s collaborate on a custom art piece for you.


Reach out to me for all the details HERE

Browse through my portfolio to find inspiration for your custom piece.

Share photos of the space where the painting will be displayed. This will help guide our decisions on color, size, and establish a personal connection.

Together, we’ll go through a guided questionnaire to ensure I capture your unique style, essence, and the desired vibe of the painting.

Provide feedback on which of my paintings resonate with you the most, and which ones don’t align with your preferences. This will give me a clearer understanding of your style and color preferences.

Pricing will be determined based on the size of the canvas.

Once we’ve finalized the details, I’ll begin the painting process.

Typically, a commission takes about four to six weeks to complete. If you have an urgent deadline, please let me know.

Upon completion, I’ll send you several photos of the finished piece. If you’re local, you’re welcome to visit my studio for a closer look.

I’m open to making small adjustments to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your new artwork.